The Multiplier – Small Group Curriculum (free)

“Go and make disciples…” includes making disciples in your daily life! Multiplier is a 9-week small group curriculum in the classic “storying” format. It covers the highlights of the stories of Abram (Abraham) and Jacob from Genesis 11-32, asking key comprehension and application questions along the way, walking your group through the reality that small groups are meant to grow, and that each of us is on mission for Christ in our daily lives with every person we meet!

The Leader Guide includes sample answers in case your group needs some prompting, as well as a full page of leader coaching each week to help you lead your small group well! If you’re a community pastor printing this off for your leaders, check weeks 5 and 8 for fill-in portions to give your leaders a heads up on upcoming training, events, and small group serving ideas!

File Type: PDF

Facilitation: Leader

Target Audience: Community Pastors and Small Group Leaders

Time Frame: 9 weeks

Created by:

Redemption Church
1251 Industrial Pkwy
Saraland, AL 36571