Sermon Team Grid – How to Build Your Sermon Utilizing Your Team

This resource/tool is designed for you the speaking pastor to help you develop a sermon together with a your team. Helping you reduce your prep time and helping you draw closer as a team as you model “team” with them.


Often times pastors spend hours upon hours preparing for their sermon and don’t have much time left for disciple making relationships.

So how do Pastors lead and model a disciple making culture?

How can sermon prep time be done faster and include your team?

Here is how…

Your part as the Senior Pastor:

  • Invite 4-6 people that you would consider part of your team.
  • Be sure to communicate three things with them in the invite:
    • The Problem: The amount of time, doing it alone not getting perspectives, not modeling team.
    • The Solution: Develop a sermon team to speak into the developing of the sermons. This will help you to gain a multitude of perspectives, helping to enhance the team building, and reducing the time of normal sermon prep allowing you to re-invest that time into making disciples in real relationship and you will be modeling to the team what leadershio is.
    • Why Them?: Let them know why you are inviting them to be part of your sermon team.(You are wanting to create a team that helps in the building of your sermons and that you value their opinion and would like them to part of this team.) What do you see in this person your inviting that will be an added value to the team? Be sure to be positive when you are inviting them. Encourage them with things you see in them and that is why you are inviting them to be part of the sermon team.

      * This resource graphic can be printed in poster format and hung above your whiteboard to help during these sermon prep times.


The process explained:

DISCOVERY- In this portion of the discovery process you are establishing what God is saying about this topic or passage or chapter.

Option 1 – Topical: Picking a topic from what you see and hear is going in your community and/or county. This topic may have several series but for now just pick one current topic that would relate to what’s happening.

Discuss with your team what are various scriptures throughout the bible that hit on this topic. Brainstorm with your team the various scriptures and write them down on the white board.

This will help in collecting a variety of bible knowledge/scriptures/bible stories from your team.

Option 2 – Verse by Verse:
Picking a chapter or book to start with

Discuss the main points of this chapter narrowing it down to one main point for this portion of read/teaching.

Brainstorm what other bible scriptures that also hit this main point and write them down on the white board as the team comes up with them.

This will help in collecting a variety of bible knowledge/scriptures/bible stories from your team.

TARGET: Where are our people at with this topic/main points?

Ask your team for whom they represent (women’s, men’s, youth, etc.). Where are your people at with the topic/main points? Starting with the new believer, then moving to non-believer, etc.

Non-believer? What do they think about this topic/main points?

New-believer? What do they think about this topic/main point?

Stagnant Christian, etc….

Mature believer, etc….

Possible objections/the worlds argument – What are objections your people may be having to what God is saying on this topic/main point? Write out the objections. What do people say when they are objecting to this Gods view on this?

THE ARGUMENT: Making a case for Gods point of view

Informing them-What does this passage say? If you are doing your sermon club “topical style” then choose one bible passage and practice on our sermon club “here is what the passage is saying”

Collect thoughts and ideas from your team on ways to convey this passage in a convincing way.

Get 3-4 ideas on how to make a case/argument on the subject.

Why is what you are saying true? Convince them it’s true. Brainstorm why this is true (don’t just say God said it’s true, so it’s true). This works for the mature believe but not so well for the non-believer, new or stagnant Christians.

What are some strong arguments for this topic? What would help convince somebody of this view (Gods view)?

What are some objections to what we are currently saying or trying to say to convince someone?

It’s good to know what are some possible objection’s people may be thinking to the case you are making


Application: How do I apply this in my own life?

Next steps: What are clear next steps with this? brainstorm with your team thoughts and ideas

What do I do with this? Personalize it? Brainstorm with your team thoughts and ideas.

Motivation: What’s the pain (ramifications) if I don’t? How does this compare to when I do this?

Brainstorm with your team thoughts and ideas




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