Compare and Contrast – Discipleshift1 Exercise (free)

It’s important to remember that God’s Word is inerrant, trustworthy and useful for our disciple making journey. Knowing that, having a correct understanding of God’s definition and design for words and concepts is essential in order to correctly navigate God’s Word.

There is power in the way God designed things and the way He defines things. When we substitute our design or definition we will fall short. So we do not want to accept the nominal church attender’s definition, or even our own, but we want God’s definition and design to be the very compass that guides our life and our church as we all travel on this journey.

We need to make sure that we understand what God’s design/definition is and how we align our life and church with that definition and to accurately handle God’s Word, using His design and definition is essential in order to be on the right course to becoming a disciple making church. 

This activity starts out as a large group exercise and finishes in smaller breakout groups. Download the participant for the group members and the facilitator version that has extra notes and tips to help you to navigate through.

File Type: PDF

Facilitation: Facilitator and Participant

Target Audience: Community Pastors, Small Group Leaders, Small Group

Time Frame: 2+ hours

Created by:

Relational Discipleship Network &
Real Life Ministries – Post Falls, ID