How Can You Build Better Relationships?

Learn How to Build Better Relationships at a DiscipleShift1 Conference

Authentic Relationships Must Be Experienced!

Learn How to Connect With People as a Disciple Maker

At DiscipleShift1 we will spend two days together.  Your DS1 facilitator Team and you will each do 50% of the talking in a shared experience, led and facilitated in a specific direction with a specific purpose to help you begin the journey of being and making disciples relationally the way Jesus did.

What is the DiscipleShift Event all about?

Pastors must lead from a position of relational maturity, spiritual growth, love, and equipping, in addition to leading organizationally.

Pastors and their teams can begin the journey of being and making disciples the way Jesus modeled.  It is challenging because it is in such opposition to the way the world works.

  • Imagine how your ministry would be if you lived every day in the simplicity of doing what Jesus did, not catering to the demands of expectations foisted upon you.
  • Imagine following Jesus and living out what he’s purposed for you instead of living out the expectations others have of you or you have of yourself (self-imposed expectations).

During the DiscipleShift1 experience you will hold up those expectations against what Jesus has asked you to do.  You will identify and evaluate those expectations in light of Jesus’ commands.

Learn how you can live in freedom, not caving to the expectations of others or trying to please people who can never be pleased.

Do you want to instruct and teach people, or do you want to live out and model what you want your people to do and be?

It’s the difference between only teaching people to be disciples and bringing other people along with you as you disciple people in relationship and equip others to do the same.

  • Jesus modeled everything he ever asked us to do.
  • Relationally, as a disciple of Jesus you can model everything you preach and teach about.
  • You can teach others by bringing them alongside as you live life the way Jesus taught and modeled for us all.

Learn how to do all of this and more at a DiscipleShift1.

Love covers over a multitude of sins.

(1 Peter 4:8, NIV)

Relational care in love brings simplicity to the organization and ease to life even when there are challenges, and complex issues to be dealt with.

DiscipleShift1 will let you experience Jesus’ method of making disciples in relationship, and the simplicity and relational ease that brings.

  • Learn to live a lifestyle of relational wealth rather than relational poverty.
  • Practice the things that are relationally difficult to grow in.

Jesus brings ease to relationship which allows for hard decisions to be made when needed.

Experience how this works in real life at a DiscipleShift1 event.

A Challenging Conversation About Discipleship

“When you first got into ministry what did you dream your church would be like?”

“My dream was that everyone would be in Bible studies, Sunday School, attending services, and growing!”

“How’s that going?”

“Well, It’s not going exactly how I thought it would.”

“What about having people be better fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, workers and bosses?”

“I’d love to see that kind of growth in my people!”

“Do you want to lead that kind of transformational change in the lives of the people you pastor?”

“I really do want to lead that way, but I’m not sure how.  What I’ve been doing hasn’t exactly been working out as I expected it would.”

“What’s a sticking point for moving your people in that direction?”

“It seems like so much of what I preach and teach doesn’t seem to stick or impact people’s lives towards spiritual maturity, growth and change.”

“If you were starting all over again as a pastor, what ould you do differently?”

“That’s a great question.  I don’t really know.  I’ve tried so many things already.”

“Would you want to be a better preacher and teacher or be better relationally with the people God has entrusted you with – your congregation, your staff, your wife and kids?”

“I would want to grow and be better relationally with the people God has entrusted me with!”

“That’s what Jesus wants for you, too!”

“Is what you are experiencing right now with your church or ministry simple and effective or complicated and stressful?”

“To be honest, it is more complicated and stressful than not.”

“What would you say is bringing the complication and stress?”

“Finances, congregation, staff; they all seem to have a part in it.”

“To make things simple and effective, do you need better systems and processes, or do you need to learn to relationally navigate the complexities of human interactions?”

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