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Prepare the Way

Do you remember Michael Buffer’s iconic hype introductions for fights in the ’90s and early 2000s? I’m sure you can hear his voice right now, “Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!” His half-brother Bruce Buffer followed in his footsteps and now introduces UFC fights with, “It is TIME!”

Abiding in the Life of Jesus

Let me ask you, “What does it mean for a disciple of Jesus to abide in Christ?” (Go ahead and think about your answer. I’ll wait.) I’ve met followers of Jesus who’ve had a hard time answering that question. Sometimes “abiding” seems mystical to Christians, and they have a hard time quantifying it.

Yeah, But Relationships Hurt…

I had been betrayed. I do not mean this as hyperbole. If you want to be in ministry, you will have scars; The longer we are in, the more scars we will have, that is, as long as we are really in. There are those among us who figure out how to have a kind of faux ministry.

Prayer and Disciple Making

I meet with the men I disciple on Wednesday nights while my kids are involved with our Student Ministry. For several weeks a new group of men had been with me and we had been going through the gospel of Mark together. At the end of our third night together I asked

How to Intentionally Branch or Send Out a New Group

Language matters. Before discussing some practical concepts of Intentionally Branching, I’d like to briefly discuss the importance of a church being unified in the language they use in making disciples. For instance, notice the word branch.

Follow Me As I Follow Christ

Just as Jesus modeled for Peter, James, and John by drawing them close, inviting to his inner circle, Paul replicated with his invitation to Timothy. Similarly, we too must model for those we have apprentice in our small groups. As a disciple maker I want my apprentice to reproduce what he sees me do. So, it is extremely important that I am intentional with my invitation and modeling the fundamentals of disciple making in those relational environments.

A Loving Environment

Jesus Built a Culture Around Him Primarily Driven by Love
I wonder what people’s first thought is when they read the words, “driven by love”. I was curious and googled, “driven by love” and to no surprise, it was all about self. There is a lot our culture today has to say about love and being driven by love but to create a loving environment for the sake of relational discipleship, there is only one resource you need – God’s Word! It’s Jesus’ method and model.

Get Creative!

Wednesdays are my favorite night of the week. I host and lead a small group of ladies on Wednesdays each week, and it completely fills me up every single time. We eat dinner, catch up, dive deep into the Word, and discuss what God has put on our hearts. It is a space to gather and spiritually, relationally, and emotionally grow. It’s beautiful to be a part of a group that loves each other well by praying and doing life together. With only an hour and a half, we make the most of our time. It can be challenging to

Staying in the Lines

I’ve been riding motorcycles since I was five years old. The first rule I learned was to always keep your motorcycle between the lines, but one of the most important rules I learned was to always look out ahead of you instead what’s right in front of you. This rule becomes more important as you go into a big curve.

Why Build Relational Environments?

I want you to think about the five most impactful sermons you have heard. What were they? Go head; I will give you about 3 minutes….
Now …. Tell me about the five people who have most shaped who you are today? What was their impact on your life? (This can be either positive or challenging impact or both.) I am betting you had an easier time

It's all about Relationships

Find out how you can build community and connections within your circle of influence like you never have before.