The Coaching Pathway is an interactive web conference with a group of like-minded leaders with a desire to be coached in the same direction; Relational Disciple Making.

During these monthly coaching sessions you will develop strong relationships with the other Pastors.
You will hear and share best and worst practices, gaining insights from what to do and what not to do.

Your Coach has been on this journey turning their “ship” for the last 3-5 years through successes and challenges.

We offer two different coaching pathways. Look below and choose the one that is best for you.


The Shift Pathway is a unique peer-to-peer coaching group designed for the role you are in:

  • Senior Pastors
  • Executive/Associates
  • Small Group/Discipleship Pastors
  • Youth/Young Adult Pastors
  • Men’s Women’s and Worship Pastors

One coach with 8-10 other leaders in your same role.

You will develop relationships with fellow leaders across the nation in the same role you are desiring the same results;
Lives being transformed by making disciple of Jesus in and through relationship.

Expectations of your SHIFT Coach:

  • Your SHIFT Coach will be in the same role as you (or at a minimum very similar).
  • Your SHIFT Coach will have current and practical experience; They SHIFTED their ministry over the last 3-4 years, not perfectly but with effectiveness and sustainability.
  • Your SHIFT Coach will share best practices and some worst practices; along with some grace and understanding on how challenging this SHIFT can be.
  • Your SHIFT Coach will hold a group meeting (via interactive Webinar) that you will be part of every other week for 1 hour (for one year).


Expectations of You:

Each person being coached in your group (yourself included)…

  • Must have attended Discipleshift1
  • Has a strong conviction to make disciples of Jesus in and through relationships
  • Sees the value of being coached in a group of your peers and not doing this alone.
  • Complete the weekly online course work and be prepared to share with your group during the interactive web conference.


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We will launch a peer group once we have 8-10 leaders in that role.


Interested in the SHIFT Pathway Coaching?


The Equip Pathway is a small group of 4-6 Senior Pastors.

This group is coached by a Senior Pastor of a RDN Mentor Coaching Church.

A mentor coaching church is a church that is:

  • Elder governed
  • Senior Pastor lead
  • Have shifted their culture to that of making disciples of Jesus in and through relational discipleship.

This coaching is made via a monthly 2-3 hour in-depth interactive web conference.


Expectations of your EQUIP Coach:

  • Expect your EQUIP Coach to lead your group with a strong passion for the Church to be the Church. To reach the lost and make disciples of Jesus in and through real authentic relationship.
  • Your EQUIP Coach to share best practices as well as some not so successful practices.
  • Your EQUIP Coach will share resources and tools that they have developed to help lead change well.
  • Your EQUIP Coach to share his challenges with you on how he had to change and grow with his walk with the lord and with his team-because he will be expecting you to grow in these area’s as well.

Expectations of You:

Each person being coached in your group (yourself included)…

  • Desire to be and make disciples of Jesus in and through real authentic relationships
  • Want to be coached in leading change at a personal level first
  • Want to be coached in how to lead change organizationally
  • Prepared to grow in your relational disciple making ability
  • Open to the possibility that you could be an obstacle to growth at times


Being part of the EQUIP Pathway you will develop strong relationships with the other Senior Pastors on the call not just your coach. You will also experience together trainings and sharing of resources and tools together.

Attend Discipleshift1 & Application

Varies ($250 – $550/mo.)