Join us for a 6-day Church Planter Boot Camp


Houston, TX

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Join us for 6 days of hands-on, interactive training led by experienced Church Planters who will journey with you as you walk through Jesus’ methodology of how He made disciples.

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Spend time with your core team through team-building experiences where you will learn how to be in relationship with each other.

Gain a new core philosophy of ministry through actual experiences and learn to put this new philosophy into practice as you build your action plan to reach your community.

Walk away with a core biblical philosophy of ministry, an experience that will shape the relationships of your team and future church, and a strategic plan to implement relational disciple-making in your context.

You’ll receive investment and coaching in the following areas from Church Planters currently living out Relational Discipleship:

  • Create and maintain a disciple making culture
  • Disciple-making DNA within your core team
  • Reaching your community
  • The power behind intentionally celebrating your key values.
  • Effective conflict resolution
  • Key strategies and advantages when partnering with your city/county commissioners
  • Effective hiring/firing process
  • Collaborating and building a ministry game plan
  • Raising up an army of disciple makers

Utilizing Jesus’ methods and model, we will journey with you to infuse a disciple-making culture that will impact your church before you ever launch a weekend service.

If you would like to learn more about the 6-Day Church Planter Boot Camp,
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