The Relational Disciple Network is made up of like-minded churches committed to helping churches SHIFT their culture towards a relational disciple-making environment through coaching, training and planting.

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2-day experience where you learn and implement Jesus’ method of discipleship.

Led by facilitators who are living out relational discipleship.

Learn from churches that are thriving models of a Disciple-Making Church.

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We offer two coaching pathways based on your role and needs.

Receive insights,
strategies, tools
& build strategic relationships

Best practices for shifting your culture to that of relational discipleship making.

Find out which one
is best for you.


Houston, TX – September 6-11, 2019

Do you desire to plant a church that has a massive impact for the Kingdom of God?
When we help churches get started, we always start with the Planter and his team. Because we know that the DNA of those people will be reproduced all over the new church.  If we are disciples who make disciples, then we will have a disciple-making church – a church that impacts the world.