Become A Confident Disciple Making Leader & Shift Your Culture

Make Disciples Who Make Disciples.
Get Equipped Through Training and Coaching

Schedule your complimentary 30-min Next Step Evaluation call with a fellow pastor that has shifted their culture. Get help in processing your current culture and your best next steps.

Register today for your two-day Discipleshift1 experience.

Over 100,000 pastors have been impacted by these 2 days.

Create a disciple making culture.

SHIFT groups are  Zoom small groups led by a Pastor/Coach who has successfully shifted their culture to a disciple making culture.

In order to be a confident disciple making leader you need training, equipping and a plan.

The problem today is most pastors have never been discipled in real authentic relationship

Churches have replaced discipleship with unsuccessful programs and events that leave pastors feeling exhausted, discouraged, and alone

Reignite your passion for ministry and Be the confident disciple maker God called you to be!

Reignite your passion for ministry

Gain confidence to make and equip disciples who can make disciples within their communities.

Get tools and resources to help you to be more effective in your disciple making journey.

Our Passion is what drives us

Pastors & Leaders Trained and Coached

Over 25,000 churches impacted


We believe Jesus gave us the best method and model for relational discipleship that works in any context. We have helped over 100,000 pastors become confident disciple makers.

Reignited with a new passion for ministry, these leaders have created a disciple making culture and equipped and released an army of disciple makers into their communities.

Here’s how we do it

1. Register for a Discipleshift1

First, attend our Disicipleshift1 training where we model authentic relational disciple making and train you to implement Jesus’ method of discipleship.

2. Get into a Coaching Group

Second, we connect you with a coach that will walk with you step by step as you create a disciple making culture in your church.

3. Become a Confident Disciple Making Leader

Third, experience the life changing journey of a confident disciple making leader.

In the meantime, schedule your free 30-minute zoom call with a pastor/coach below.
They will explain the Five Key Components of a Disciple Making Church so you can begin implementing some personalized steps over the next 30 days.

Do you have questions about your next steps?
Click on the “CALL ME” button and a Pastor / Coach will contact you to discuss the best next steps for you. 

stop feeling frustrated with ministry and BECOME THE CONFIDENT DISCIPLE MAKER GOD CALLED YOU TO BE.